Cathy Hackl on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality Marketing, Branding and Communications

Episode 17 December 24, 2019 00:30:52
Cathy Hackl on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality Marketing, Branding and Communications
Social PR Secrets: public relations podcast for entrepreneurs by Lisa Buyer
Cathy Hackl on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality Marketing, Branding and Communications

Dec 24 2019 | 00:30:52


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Lisa Buyer

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Have you ever used a Snapchat filter? If so, you were using augmented reality right from your mobile phone. 

Lisa Buyer talks with author, futurist, speaker, and business strategist Cathy Hackl on all things virtual reality and augmented reality and how it affects communication and businesses.  

Cathy explains how media is expanding beyond 2D flat content and emerging into 3D, holographic, and augmented content. 

In this segment, learn all about how far technology has come and where it is going when it comes to virtual reality, augmented reality, and even mixed reality. Tune in to hear Lisa and Cathy discuss what tools are out there currently, the future of holographics, and how to use these realities for marketing, branding, and communications. Immersive technologies can make the intangible, tangible, and Cathy suggests that we be proactive and start learning now all about immersive computing platforms because they are the next big thing. Click the links below to learn more about how virtual reality brings stories to life from the expert herself, Cathy Hackl!

“Virtual reality creates the sense of presence in something you might have not cared about before” - Cathy Hackl

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