Annie Au and Paige Held on Staying Sane with Yoga

Episode 39 March 13, 2020 00:37:53
Annie Au and Paige Held on Staying Sane with Yoga
Social PR Secrets: public relations podcast for entrepreneurs by Lisa Buyer
Annie Au and Paige Held on Staying Sane with Yoga

Mar 13 2020 | 00:37:53


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How do you clear your mind after a long hard work week? Annie and Paige suggest using yoga and meditation to clear your mind and boost productivity. 

Lisa Buyer and co-host Cathy Hackl sat down with yoga experts Annie Au and Paige Held to talk about staying sane with yoga and how it relates to social media and business. Annie is the founder and a trainer at Annie Au Yoga. Paige is a mom, as well as the founder and owner of Yoga Joint, which has multiple yoga studios in South Florida. 

In this episode, Annie, Paige, Cathy, and Lisa discuss how to thrive in this social media-driven world. Some of their tips include creating time for yourself, meditation, and yoga. You might wonder, how does this help? Paige explains how yoga can clear your mind and help with productivity tremendously, and emphasizes the importance of putting yourself first. Making time for yourself and doing these practices may take time away from your work, but it will make the time you are working way more productive. Tune in to learn all about how yoga can make such a positive impact on your day to day and professional life!

“The best way to not get out of shape mentally, physically, and spiritually is to stay in shape mentally, physically, and spiritually” - Paige Held

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