Matt Siltala on the Importance of Visuals for Brands

Episode 15 December 17, 2019 00:23:41
Matt Siltala on the Importance of Visuals for Brands
Social PR Secrets by Lisa Buyer
Matt Siltala on the Importance of Visuals for Brands

Dec 17 2019 | 00:23:41


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Lisa Buyer

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What is the big deal with visuals? According to Matt Siltala, as humans, we are visual people, we get distracted so easily and visuals are much easier to consume.

Lisa Buyer sat down with guest Matt Siltala to talk about all things visual. We find out why visuals are so valuable and why you need to have a purpose and strategy behind your posts.

In this episode, the interesting topic comes up on how to use Pinterest to benefit your business. Are you an avid Pinterest user? Find out the tips and tricks to use it as your next visual search engine. Matt shares some of his secret hacks so you can thrive with Pinterest. 

What are brands doing right, and what are they doing wrong? Stay tuned to find out more! 

Learn more from Matt Sitala in his Podcast, linked below!

“Don’t be afraid to succeed and don’t be afraid to fail” - Matt Siltala

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

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