10 PR Secrets to Boost Exposure, Energy, Sleep and Save Time by Lisa Buyer!

Episode 155 October 19, 2021 00:14:22
10 PR Secrets to Boost Exposure, Energy, Sleep and Save Time by Lisa Buyer!
Social PR Secrets: public relations podcast for entrepreneurs by Lisa Buyer
10 PR Secrets to Boost Exposure, Energy, Sleep and Save Time by Lisa Buyer!

Oct 19 2021 | 00:14:22


Show Notes

In this episode Lisa Buyer shares her top Social PR Secrets, New Metaverse Tools, Digital Detox Secrets for Energy and Women and Events to Thrive and Grow!

Public Relations Secret #1: The Metaverse and Augmented Reality.

What businesses really need are high quality photos. Fortunately there is an app called “AI Let's Enhance” which can turn your low quality photos into high-res images to be used across all social media platforms or for your website. 

Lisa’s Favorite Things on the Metaverse:

Public Relations Secret #2: Digital Detox Secrets for Energy and Women.

Reported in 2020 Stress in AmericaTM surveys since April, “84% of adults reported feeling at least one emotion associated with prolonged stress in the prior two weeks. 

Start your day with the best possible brain from mind, body, and spirit!

Social PR Secret #3: Events to Thrive and Grow.

That’s a wrap! If you want to learn all of Lisa’s 21 Things of October Edition on Public Relations: Click here! 

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