Whitney Freya Inspires PR, Positive Vibes and Energy

Episode 138 June 22, 2021 00:41:45
Whitney Freya Inspires PR, Positive Vibes and Energy
Social PR Secrets: public relations podcast for entrepreneurs by Lisa Buyer
Whitney Freya Inspires PR, Positive Vibes and Energy

Jun 22 2021 | 00:41:45


Show Notes

Are you worthy to be interviewed by the media? Positive vibes, authentic energy and a creative spirit can make it or break it in the business world. Just ask Whitney Freya, she wrote the book (or three) on it. Her latest book, 30 Days to Unstoppable is a countdown to manifesting creativity, positive energy and attracting the right audience.

Are you good enough, certified enough, smart enough, worthy enough? 

It’s all about authenticity and escaping the voice of our ego.

“At the heart of any true change is the individual creative spark. You are being called right now to nurture that light within and create the inspired life that is waiting for you.”

Whitney is a modern-day mystic and an expert in Inspired Living, providing practical tools and practices that free your mind from limitations and scarcity to create more in your life that lights you up from the inside out. 

In this episode, we talk about 

Whitney Freya is the author of three books on personal creativity and leads online courses that teach you a personal painting practice that will dramatically expand your sense of possibility and overall wellness. She lives her own inspired life in NE Oregon and is either flying her paraglider or skiing around the mountains there, if she is not in her studio.

Check out these resources

21 Day painting Meditation Challenge

Whitney Freya on Instagram

Her book! 30 Days to Unstoppable

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