Jabez Lebret’s LinkedIn Lessons

Episode 30 February 07, 2020 00:26:50
Jabez Lebret’s LinkedIn Lessons
Social PR Secrets: public relations podcast for entrepreneurs by Lisa Buyer
Jabez Lebret’s LinkedIn Lessons

Feb 07 2020 | 00:26:50


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Lisa Buyer

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Isn’t LinkedIn just a platform to share your resume and meet employers? Jabez Lebret says no and shares all the potential for a brand to share information on the social platform. 

In this episode of the Social PR Secrets Podcast, Lisa Buyer sits down with agency owner and author Jabez Lebret gets down to business discussing the real potential uses of LinkedIn for a brand. For his own agency, Get Noticed Get Found, Lebret uses LinkedIn as a tool to share more information with consumers. 

Lebret had an article published on LinkedIn announcing his public “breakup” from the social media platform Facebook. The thought piece amassed 4,000 views as he shared his thoughts on how Facebook was becoming more business heavy and less practical for personal use. Like LinkedIn, Lebret shares the key to successful use of the platform is recognizing its large professional background and using that to your or a brand’s benefit. He said social media managers should capitalize on the fact that other professionals are in this network to get in front of people.

“You need to get smart and tactical about getting yourself in front of your vendors and prospects and strategic partners,” - Jabez Lebret

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