David Meerman Scott on Sales, Service, and Socials

Episode 13 December 10, 2019 00:07:01
David Meerman Scott on Sales, Service, and Socials
Social PR Secrets by Lisa Buyer
David Meerman Scott on Sales, Service, and Socials

Dec 10 2019 | 00:07:01


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Lisa Buyer

Show Notes

In this episode, Lisa Buyer sat down with a keynote speaker and best-selling author, David Meerman Scott. Diving into a discussion about his book, The New Rules of Sales and Service.

In this 2014 interview, David talks about the coming together of sales, customer service, and social media. 

This interview took place in the middle of what David calls, the 25-year social media revolution. Where are we now? Today, it seems as if social media and sales seamlessly go hand and hand considering how time consumers spend online. Tune in to hear David and Lisa discuss how social networking was infiltrating, and how important this was in 2014 and remains true today. 

It’s really important for people in sales and in customer service to understand how social is important for them and how they do their jobs because the ways that people buy products today” -David Meerman Scott

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

    1. Authentic storytelling sets the tone
    2. Content is the link between companies  and customers
    3. Big data enables a more scientific approach to sales
    4. Agile selling brings new business to your company
    5. Real-time engagement keeps customers happy

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