Christina Crook: The Joy of Missing Out

Episode 101 October 20, 2020 00:32:53
Christina Crook: The Joy of Missing Out
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Christina Crook: The Joy of Missing Out

Oct 20 2020 | 00:32:53


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What is the Joy of Missing Out? Christina Crook states JOMO is the joy of missing out on the right things. Things like toxic hustle, comparison, and digital drain. She is known as a pioneer in the field of digital well-being. Writer, speaker, and podcast host Christina has been studying the relationship between joy and technology for over a decade.

In this digital mindfulness episode of Social PR Secrets, Lisa Buyer and Christina Crook explore balancing the digital realm with the real world. The goal is building a life around real-world experiences that makes you want to check your phone less.

The Joy of Missing Out

Christina is the award-winning author of The Joy of Missing Out and the leader of the global #JOMO movement. JOMO is the joy of missing out to make space for life’s moments, people, and work that bring us meaning and happiness. Christina champions being deeply connected with the things we love to do and spending quality time with the people we love so the draw to being offline is stronger than being online.

The JOMO(cast) with Christina Crook

JOMO(cast) is a podcast for individuals who want to flourish in this digital age. Digital mindfulness experts, creators, and thought leaders talk about the joy of missing out to thrive in the rapidly changing digital world. Whether you’re seeking presence, peace, focus or productivity, Christina has designed tools and principles to reconnect your habits with your happiness as well as balance the digital realm with the real world.

Christina discusses mindful tech leaders embracing the joy of missing out on her podcast, JOMO(cast). In this episode, learn about Dr. Ellen Langer, Ph.D., a Harvard psychology professor who paved the way for digital mindfulness research and popularized the movement back in the 1970s. Christina’s first guest on the podcast was her friend Selema Abraham who is the co-founder of a startup called Artery. Artery lets people list places, whether it’s a loft or backyard, so anyone can bring their creative experiences to life. The mission of the startup is to decrease loneliness and increase connection locally for people. Listen to this episode and discover other mindful influencers who are transforming the experience of joy in our daily life.

31-Day Digital Detox

Tune in to listen about Christina’s 31-day digital detox and why we need to find balance in an oversaturated, wired world. Christina mentions humanity is most fulfilled when people spend the majority of their time and energy offline than online.

Lisa Buyer touches on a personal connection with this topic and discusses how her own daughter took a 14-day digital detox and the benefits she received through that experience.

However, a digital detox in this day and age poses a challenge due to the current global health crisis surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. In-person experiences are limited and most everyone is online to stay connected with work, school, family, and friends.

Digital Detox Strategies

Today, it’s socially acceptable for everyone to be ingrained into their phones and not living in the present. In this podcast discover digital detox strategies that can sharpen your mind and set your entire day up for success. Christina discusses avoiding technology in the early morning and participating in an activity that recharges your way of thinking, such as reading, yoga, journaling, or exercise. Listen in for additional digital detox strategies.

Advice to College Students from Christina Crook

Christina gives advice to college students regarding the joy of missing out and mentions how it is important to nurture deep, strong connections and friendships in real life. Learn how achieving a deeper connection in real life will require discomfort, but the benefits outweigh the costs. Ask yourself: Am I leading by example to create a change and help others become more engaged in the real world?

Christina Crook’s Upcoming Book: Good Burdens

Christina’s upcoming book, Good Burdens, dives into reclaiming effortful living as the path to joy. She discovered a connection between attention and effort, which are both needed for joy to occur in our lives. One example of a good burden is creating a meal for a loved one on Thanksgiving. This act requires a lot of leg work and is quite burdensome, but once everyone's at the table enjoying that meal, the act becomes meaningful. You are only filled with joy and the burden disappears. Listen in for more sneak peeks of the novel.

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