Own Your Power the Jayson Waller Way: One Percent Better a Day

Episode 133 May 18, 2021 00:37:13
Own Your Power the Jayson Waller Way: One Percent Better a Day
Social PR Secrets: public relations podcast for entrepreneurs by Lisa Buyer
Own Your Power the Jayson Waller Way: One Percent Better a Day

May 18 2021 | 00:37:13


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Lisa Buyer

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You write down your goals and instantly expect to achieve them. But how do you get started, especially during a pandemic? Self-made entrepreneur Jayson Waller shares the raw strategies that he uses to elevate his brands.

In this episode of the Social PR Podcast, host Lisa Buyer chats with powerhouse entrepreneur Jayson Waller. From being kicked out of his high school to venturing into fatherhood as a teenager, Jayson has dedicated his career to guiding others to be bold and take control of their lives.

Where To Begin

Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, Jayson earned $350 million in revenue for Powerhome Solar, which he founded in 2015. But this rocketing success didn't happen overnight. It was a collection of triumphs and failures that molded his solar energy company into the largest American Made panel installation business in the U.S.

Jayson says that you should start off by setting small goals for yourself.

No Excuses. No BS.

Jayson's first book, "Own Your Power. No Excuses. No BS. Yes. The Time is Now," (coming out this July) details how he built three multimillion-dollar enterprises from the ground up through perseverance and dedication.

Even writing the book exemplifies his belief in setting goals and taking action. He was actually challenged by author and social media expert Heather Monahan to write it. And, of course, Jayson accepted the task. Despite being out of his comfort zone having never written a book before, he took it day by day and month by month until the product was complete. No excuses necessary. 

Raw PR & Marketing

"You're building a brand out there that they can trust and that they can (relate to)."

Here are Jayson's Do's and Don'ts when it comes to building your brand:

Family Ties in Business

In Jayson's podcast, True Underdog, he hosts several episodes with his kids. He says that when you remove the barrier between business and family, this creates quality moments with your children. Each episode of #FamilyTalk tackles important conversations like social media, mental health, and more.

Some topics in this episode include:

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