Joe Fier: Entrepreneurs Balancing Mental Health

Episode 84 August 21, 2020 00:40:06
Joe Fier: Entrepreneurs Balancing Mental Health
Social PR Secrets by Lisa Buyer
Joe Fier: Entrepreneurs Balancing Mental Health

Aug 21 2020 | 00:40:06


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Lisa Buyer

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How do your everyday business patterns reflect your mental health? According to Joe Fier, understanding these patterns can help get you out of a funk and into a flow. 

In this episode of Social PR Secrets, Lisa Buyer talks to seasoned marketer, entrepreneur and podcaster Joe Fier. Joe is the co-founder of Evergreen Profits and host of Hustle & Flowchart, a podcast where Joe Fier picks the brains of successful entrepreneurs for their tips on building a business. After more than a decade in the online marketing space, Joe Fier leans on his wealth of knowledge to help other business owners looking to grow.

Understanding Your Patterns

As immersed in the world of entrepreneurship as he is, Joe Fier understands the common mental health problems that come with the job. On his show, he often hears other entrepreneurs talk about their struggles with anxiety and depression. Joe says he understands that feeling of being in a constant thought loop, and the loneliness entrepreneurs sometimes feel when the cameras are finally off. In this episode, Joe discusses the tricks he’s learned to fight those feelings and keep those thoughts at bay. After the death of his father, Joe Fier learned a lot about how someone’s changing patterns can show how they’re feeling inside, and how noticing his own patterns helped him figure out which ones were beneficial to a productive mindset. In this episode, he gives his tips on managing those anxieties and noticing good and bad patterns in your life to improve mental clarity, focus and flow. 

“We all have our personal patterns. Understand your patterns and journal on them and practice them.” - Joe Fier

How does Joe incorporate mindfulness into his everyday routine? Well for starters, he goes outside! Joe Fier talks about how he finds ways to escape to the outdoors throughout his day, and his other favorite techniques for clearing his mind and getting into the flow state.

Everyday Digital Balance

Unlike many, Joe has no problem turning off the touchscreens and living life in the moment. He incorporates digital detox into his lifestyle by making time to shut off his phone and put it away while he spends time with his family (and dogs!), and gives his tips on how others can do that too. Joe Fier discusses what he’s learned about making compartmentalization a strength when balancing work and home life, and the value of understanding that doing less work can actually be a lot more. What’s his favorite way to escape from the stress and anxiety of constant notifications and news? Find out in this episode!

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